Our Paints

Since 1858, millions of customers choose Lechler in different sectors of the industrial paint industry.

Sign Boards

Synthetic and acrylic with one or two components;

Bi-component acrylic with 40% to 45% gloss and maximum performance against discoloration;

Bonds directly to PVC and aluminum supports;

Polyurethane and acrylic with gloss adjustment as per request. Increased dry content and drying adapted to your environment;

Antigraffiti varnish for easy cleanup;

All these products are also available as water-based. We know how to adapt our products to your base material, environment and equipment.

Doors and Windows | Garage Doors

Bi-component acrylic with direct bond solvent on PVC and aluminum – vast choice of colour;

Water-based bi-component acrylic, direct bond on PVC, easy to apply and with an excellent performance guarantee.

Vehicles and Heavy Machinery

Wash primer with great corrosion resistance;

Bi-component polyurethane primer with increased high content, a favorite in the industry;

Epoxy primer with high build capacity;

Epoxy primer with zinc phosphate;

Acrylic primer with zinc phosphate for neater results;

Polyurethane and acrylic, and a wide range of varnishes from high mat to high gloss, with increased dry content and can be polished shortly after application;

Antigraffiti additive agent for better film maintenance.

Various Industrial Equipment

Synthetic and acrylic with one or two components, from mat to high gloss, and drying is adapted to your situation;

Direct bond to metal;

Rubber-based finish;

Textured finish (embossed, hammered);

Industrial polyurethane;

Epoxy with direct bond to metal, regular and textured finish;

Vinyl with oxide finish adapted to any base material.